The Vintage Camera Boutique

The Vintage Camera Boutique is a blog maintained by Neil Rose. Loads of vintage cameras have been passing through my hands recently and I thought it would be good to keep them documented. I will also use this site to link back to any eBay lots so buyers can access more information than is possible in an eBay listing.

I hope you are with me in my love for this technology and understand the obligation we have to keep it alive.

Zorki 4 - rangefinder 35mm re-skinned in blue leather

Yashica Samurai X3.0 fully automatic point and shoot half frame

Ricoh Mirai (1988) 35mm fully automatic point and shoot

Kodak Advantix T700 APS camera

Prinz Junior 35

Photos taken with the Prinz Junior 35 toy camera

Brownie 44a adapted for 35mm and skinned in genuine blue leather

Praktica LTL3 re-skinned in genuine blue leather

Browine 44a Adapted for 35mm and covered in red faux snake skin

Ilford Sportman Blue Leather

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